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Welcome to my multimedia portfolio, please stay awhile!


Free-diving Infographic


Unit Conversion Infographic

Candy MeasurementsREVISED

SF Bay Upwelling Infographic – Bay Nature Magazine


Sea of Troubles Animations – Film by Jason Jaacks (click link to see animations and full documentary)


Tree Heart Attack Infographic – Bay Nature Magazine



Rare Video Shows Mysterious, Worm-Like Legless Lizard

Wave Energy Conversion Carpet

Environmental Learning for Kids Recruitment Video

The Electrifying Nikola Tesla


A Pretty Pink Nudibranch Moves North, and It’s a ‘Canary in the Tidepool’ for Climate Change – Bay Nature Magazine

Eyes on the Octopus: In Trio of Studies, Berkeley Scientists Strive to Make Sense of the Cephalopods – CALIFORNIA Magazine

Step Right Up: I’m a Voter and a Lab-Rat – CALIFORNIA Magazine

One Voter Steps out of the Hillary Closet – CALIFORNIA Magazine

‘Slow Coast’ May Get a National Monument – Bay Nature Magazine


Editorial Illustration

Pen and Ink Illustration

Digital Illustration


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