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Welcome to my multimedia portfolio, I’ve created all the content on this site (some additional credits are specified in the project descriptions). Please stay awhile!


Wave Energy Conversion Carpet

Environmental Learning for Kids Recruitment Video

UC Berkeley Tuition Hikes


A Pretty Pink Nudibranch Moves North, and It’s a ‘Canary in the Tidepool’ for Climate Change – Bay Nature Magazine

Eyes on the Octopus: In Trio of Studies, Berkeley Scientists Strive to Make Sense of the Cephalopods – CALIFORNIA Magazine

Step Right Up: I’m a Voter and a Lab-Rat – CALIFORNIA Magazine

One Voter Steps out of the Hillary Closet – CALIFORNIA Magazine

‘Slow Coast’ May Get a National Monument – Bay Nature Magazine


Free-diving Infographic – Personal Project


Unit Conversion Infographic – Personal Project

Candy MeasurementsREVISED

SF Bay Upwelling Infographic – Bay Nature Magazine


Sea of Troubles Animations – Film by Jason Jaacks (click link to see animations and full documentary)


Tree Heart Attack Infographic – Bay Nature Magazine


Editorial Illustration

Pen and Ink Illustration

Digital Illustration


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